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I Put Plus-Size Activewear From Popular Brands To The Test

Years of body negativity brought on by the latest fad diet or fitness craze have made my relationship with exercise a rocky one. Growing up, I was surrounded by Beach Body boot camps and personal training programs that signified largeness as something to be lost. But, years later in adulthood, I found positivity in hiking and a sense of calm in yoga flows. I discovered that breaking a sweat could be an enjoyable escape instead of about how many calories I might burn. Since I spent so much time feeling like physical activity was a punishment, I didnt jump to spend my money on new fitness clothes -- plus, options for plus-size retailers who do it right were already limited which made finding quality brands with inclusive activewear tricky. But, as the industry began to acknowledge bigger bodies, well-made and fashionable options started to emerge in the plus-size activewear spac...

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What Black Creators Can Learn From Signed, Blake

Before content creation became a legitimate career field, Black women have been influencing the world as we know it. Our fashion, style, and make-up looks turn into global trends that we end up not being credited for. Now, in the creative space, Black influencers are making sure that brands know their worth and add tax. R29Unbothered spoke to Chicago based lifestyle content creator, Blake Gifford , aka Signed, Blake , about her journey as a creator, and how her law degree has helped her navigate her brand partnerships, the community (more like family) shes built with her audience, and her popular Amazon drop collections. A little over a decade ago, as Gifford was graduating college and her friends were starting their new jobs or going off to law school, she began to blog about her journey and what she envisioned for the next stage in her life. I didnt have a ton of money, so...

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The Leather Harness Is The Newest -- And Most NSFW -- Workwear Trend

Theres an image that comes to mind when you think corporate dress code. I bet it includes some version of a suit and a button-down shirt. But this season, workwear is adding a BDSM twist to its roster. Its take-your-leather-harness-to-work season, as evidenced by the fall 2021 and spring 2022 collections that made a case for pairing tailored sets with the body accessory. After almost two years of working from home, workwear has started to look different, with business comfort -- think: tailored joggers and sneakers paired with suits -- set to take off as we return to the office. For those who are still in a panic about what to wear IRL, rest assured that tailoring remains one of the biggest trends for women . But this is not your grandfathers suit. Instead, brands are offering new takes with intentionally oversized silhouettes, two-tone blazers, and mini skirt suits. ...

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Here's Why The Slouch Sock Is Going Viral On Amazon

It seems like for some, the early-aughts Y2K fashion trends arent throwing back far enough. For many yesteryear style chasers, the 80s slouch sock is moreso hitting the mark. Amazon has astronomical numbers and reviews from customers to prove that this trend is sought-after and skyrocketing. But whats up with slouch socks -- and why are they coming back now There are a few factors going on. First, as with all fashion trends, anything old is cool again-- and celebs like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are seriously leaning into the dorky-but-chic aesthetic of wearing socks that intentionally gather at the ankles. While the most on-the-nose look would have to be slouch socks over leggings (just like 80s-era women in jazzercise and step aerobics classes used to do), these days the slouch sock is also charming with, say, a pair of chunky loafers or dad sneakers (a la off-d...

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Sorry To Report: High-Low Hemlines Are Back

Giambattista Valli,Summer 2022,women, pret a porter The spring 2022 runways signaled the return of many trends from the 2010s. From peplum to saturated colorblocking , it seems that -- following the Y2K trend boom this year -- the Twilight -era styles are now finding their way out of Tumblr posts. This includes high-low hemlines, or mullet skirts, as theyve come to be called by those whove since sworn off the infamous silhouette. Between 2010 and 2015, part-mini, party-ball gown skirts -- that, as the nickname suggests, bear resemblance to the questionable hairstyle sported by the likes of Joe Exotic and Hulk Hogan -- reigned. Celebs like Taylor Swift , Selena Gomez , and Lily Collins sported the trend on the red carpet. Meanwhile, on social media, bloggers paraded the skirts everywhere from Coachella to their favorite coffee shop. Although the mullet skirt was the...

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How 3 Black Women Are Defining & Reclaiming Ownership

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The Best Fleece Jackets & Pullovers, Approved By Gorpcore Fanatics

If, after seeing supermodels clad in low-rise leather trousers or baggy jeans and cozy packable jackets, you thought youd traveled through time, wed understand it. Like with slip dresses and combat boots, lately, weve been seeing 90s and Y2K retro-style inspiration everywhere -- and this seasons fleece trend resurgence is further evidence of just that. The sporty-snug-style hybrid is no longer exclusive to hikers, rock climbers, or your middle-school closet. Considering the lasting effects of Patagonia, L.L.Bean, and The North Face, the fleeces nostalgic appeal isnt going to fade off the fashion scene any time soon -- especially when cabincore is still all the rage . Fall is here with winter following in its footsteps, so we sourced the best fleece outerwear options, as ranked and rated by very outdoorsy, nature-loving folks. We hunted down a number of classic to reimagined fle...

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