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We All Need Some! The Costume Institute’s, Camp: Notes on Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Without a little twinkle, some pizzazz, that certain something that makes us smile, or some camp in our lives it would all be so very boring. I visited the Costume Institute’s spring 2019 exhibition, Camp: Notes on Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art earlier.  It certainly added a sparkle to my day and will do the same for you. Heres a sneak peek of the exhibition (photos do not do it justice) before tonights Met Gala, co-hosted by Lady Gaga [...] Original Post at We All Need Some! T...

The Best and Most Profitable Way To Use Social Media- It’s Not What You Think! [Video]

The Best and Most Profitable Way To Use Social Media- It’s Not What You Think! THE MISSING LINK IN SOCIAL MEDIA is something you see ignored way too often. VIDEO HERE   Think about this: Social media comes into your most personal spaces. You look at your phone at home, in bed, while your passing time, between meetings, while you’re in a waiting room, all the times when you “choose” not to be doing something else or taking in something too […] The Best and Most Profitable Way To Use...

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Out There! Break The Fear Factor so you can actually scale your brand!

One of the biggest social media strategies I can tell you is: Don’t be afraid to get out there (literally)! Bust through the fear factor and be seen to grow your brand. WATCH: 🎈⭐️💵Entrepreneurs: How To Break The Fear Factor so you can actually scale your brand! (and yes, I’m actually on a crowded street after a visit to my PT with The Empire State Building behind me) You wonder, how the heck did getting in FRONT of a camera ever […] One of ...

Is your personal brand marketing a snooze fest?

Entrepreneur Friends, This could be the missing ⛓link ⛓to why they’re not paying attention to your personal brand marketing! Come along with me to New York’s Chelsea Market to find out why and how to stop it. Did you ever think that this could be the very reason your audience is tuning out This topic came up a few times this week in conversations with entrepreneurs and coaches so I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Your content is […] Entre...

The Secret To Finding Brand Inspiration [Video]

Elevate Your Personal Brand For Photos and Videos With Visual Storytelling Inspiration… Today’s beautiful setting is perfect to talk to you about brand inspiration for photos and videos. Your visual story can dramatically change from simply where you are and how you position yourself. Inspiration for photos and videos can become overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. But here’s the thing: You need your own secret sauce, your own special something, to not be a co...

Entrepreneurs: How To Beat Business Travel Burnout [Video]

You Gotta Beat Burnout So You Can  Reenergize Yourself To Get More Out Of  Business Trips… So Many Opportunities, Only So Much Time! As a forward thinking solopreneur or entrepreneur, there are a myriad of conferences, masterminds, speaking engagements, and events to attend that the benefits can be lost from the sheer exhaustion of it all. Most of the time, you end up traveling to places  you don’t actually want to go to (can I get a hell yeah!) I put a […] You Gotta Beat Bur...

SKU-200897236 Sweater Mix Moto Jacket from Ashley Stewart  sku

Sweater Mix Moto Jacket - 200897236 by Ashley_Stewart

Item description: This Sweaters product is by Ashley_Stewart - Sweater Mix Moto Jacket... Learn More

Manufacturer: Ashley_Stewart

Keywords: plus size faux leather jackets, plus size jackets, plus size moto jackets, plus size faux leather, plus size clothing, plus size fashion, trendy plus size clothing, curvy girl clothing, fashionable plus size clothing

Store: Ashley Stewart stands for uncompromising style, fashion, fit and empowerment for the trend-savvy woman who flaunts her curves. From the perfect pair of jeans, churchflow dresses, smoking hot outfits, and #DaretoBare intimates, Ashley Stewart has you covered.



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