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How to create your own authentic B-Roll [Quick Tips Video]

pWhat the heck is b-roll and how to make it authentic to you Yup, you hear about b-roll and have no idea of why it’s so important. B-roll are the takeaway shots that create a story and help your audience connect with your me...

Let’s Get Personal: Women with leaky bladders can feel beautiful and protected thanks to Always Discreet Boutique

pThere’s no need to feel shame when you can confidently wear something pretty… “Don’t make me pee!” That’s what I used to say to my husband every time he told a stupid joke when I was pregnant. We’ve all had moments. Accidents can...

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Lip Plumper Review: How to make your lips look fuller for camera or video without injectables [Facebook Live]

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Live it up: Adding luxury to your everyday life! [Quick Tips Video]

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Role models to inspire you to live fully – One Year Anniversary Episode [7 Days to Amazing Podcast]

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