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How to Eliminate Photo Stress and Get The Results You Want

Taking great photos doesnít have to be intimidating, donít panic! Sometimes we overthink when is the best time to take a photo. Iíve got a little secret for you — itís RIGHT NOW! When you look and feel good it shows! Take advantage of those moments. Share your positive moments in a photo. People want to share in your life. Be a part of your journey. See your smile. Share the amazing moments of your life! When you feel that […] Taking great photos doesnít have to be intimidati...

Are branding photos the best way to connect with your audience?

How do you balance your brand imaging It isn’t always 50/50. Who doesn’t love easy math This equation only has three parts: 80, 20 and YOU. When it comes to your online photos, 80 percent of the time you want to bring the every day you. The other 20 percent, feel free to tszuj it up! The most important part of the equation is you. You bringing yourself to the table. Whether it’s an everyday look or all Glam and […] How do you balance your brand imaging It isn̵...

Why you may be getting overlooked online and how to fix that

Do you wonder why youíre not getting noticed online This could be the reason… As fun as it is to do big brand fancy photo shoots, this isnít the best way to represent yourself. Why Because people arenít connecting with you as a REAL person! People relate to real people, and if youíre posting the same picture all over the place people zone out! We get exhausted from seeing the same photo over and over again. Or the same three […] Do you wonder why youíre not getting noticed on...

Cheap Chic Secret For Camera Ready Makeup, YOUR Way!

Do you want to amp up your camera ready makeup without paying for a glam squad Hereís how! Sometimes you want a little extra tszuj in your makeup but you arenít quite sure how to do it yourself. No sweat, there is a fun and easy way to get styled for your videos and photos without breaking the bank. Hereís the scoop: Most professional makeup stores will do your makeup for free, all you have to do is pay for […] Do you want to amp up your camera ready makeup without paying for a gla...

Say Cheese! How To Not Feel Weird, Look Frozen and Be Authentic on Camera [Video]

Getting Real, Being Authentic On Camera is NOT Just For Celebrities, You Can Master It Too! It seems so counterintuitive but knowing how to be authentic on camera when what seems so natural gets too complicated is a top issue that many entrepreneurs face. It makes total sense. Because as an entrepreneur, coach, author, or any independent contractor who is the face of your brand, you probably never went to acting class nor modeling school. But now, being in front […] Getting Real, B...

How To Create Content That Authentically Connects With Your Ideal Audience

Spoiler Alert: When it comes to connecting with your audience… you gotta be REAL! We’ve all done it, or at least entertained the idea. Thinking we need to do this, add that, hire them to grow our personal brand. Before you know it, you are out a ton and a half of money, spinning your wheels and ending up with a personal brand that’s no longer very personal. And content that seems not even close to you and your voice. […] Spoiler Alert: When it comes to connecting ...