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Dating Profile Pic Tips: 7 Secrets to Swipe Right Photos

How to take dating profile photos that will help you find your sweetheart Dating profile photos, oh my. Why risk your success of scoring a sweetie just because of a dubious photo Donít worry, I have 7 tips to warm you up in the online art of swipe-right profile photo without having to use fancy equipment or hire a photographer. Itís not your fault if taking a great photo doesnít come naturally to you. But it is to your benefit […] How to take dating profile photos that will help yo...

Make Up Tips for TV, Video, Photos, and Appearances [Live Video]

It was an early call today so I thought I would pop on a Facebook Live to share some behind the scenes makeup advice for TV, video, appearances + photos on my way back from my TV appearance. Join me on my snowy walk through Madison Square Park in New York as I talk about the reality of knowing how to do your own make up when you get yourself out there as an entrepreneur or the face of your […] It was an early call today so I thought I would pop on a Facebook Live to share some behi...

Personal Branding + Style Tips For Women Entrepreneurs: Interview on Roker Mediaís Bold TV Business!

If you are a woman entrepreneur either just starting out or wanting to get to the next level dont miss my fun and informative interview on at BOLD TV BUSINESS (ROKER MEDIA) with hosts David Grasso and Holland Haiis†as I give simple style and branding advice for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to have a congruent business image and visual message. RELATED RESOURCES: I also give viewers a special gift of my How To Look Great In Photos Cheat Sheet, which [...] Original Post at Personal Brand...

Sale Shopping Strategy- itís that time of year to reward yourself!

I couldnt resist doing this live video and sharing my sale shopping strategy and why you should think of end of the season sales as incentive shopping to boost your wardrobe. It was a cold day in New York City and Im still trying to shake the flu but nothing gets me out earlier than a great sample sale, especially when its for a few good wardrobe boosting pieces. Im often asked about how to wear good clothes, and truthfully [...] Original Post at Sale Shopping Strategy- it’s that tim...

What is a Freemium + why your business needs one

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, speaker or face of your brand, its crucial that you know what a freemium is and how to successfully use them in your business. It may sound like some fancy buzz word, but freemiums are key to bringing in prospective clients and building your list, and although free, they are an excellent way to bring in long term financial results. Okay, so what is a freemium Think of freemiums like a tasting appetizer... a [...] Original Post at What is a Freemium + why ...

Stop the Generic Jungle! Start the year your way!

How to stand out in a crowded market by starting the year your way. I’m starting the year my way! And I highly encourage you to do the same. ?? One of the business trends that I noticed in 2017 really broke my heart… It’s that so many of us, especially women entrepreneurs, get lost in the GENERIC JUNGLE. They lose their personality… they lose their soul.. they lose their star power simply because they are too afraid to stand […] How to stand out in a crowded...