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The Secret To Finding Brand Inspiration [Video]

Elevate Your Personal Brand For Photos and Videos With Visual Storytelling Inspiration… Today’s beautiful setting is perfect to talk to you about brand inspiration for photos and videos. Your visual story can dramatically change from simply where you are and how you position yourself. Inspiration for photos and videos can become overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. But here’s the thing: You need your own secret sauce, your own special something, to not be a co...

Entrepreneurs: How To Beat Business Travel Burnout [Video]

You Gotta†Beat Burnout So You Can †Reenergize Yourself To Get More Out Of †Business Trips… So Many Opportunities, Only So Much Time! As a forward thinking solopreneur or entrepreneur, there are a myriad of conferences, masterminds, speaking engagements, and events to attend that the benefits can be lost from the sheer exhaustion of it all. Most of the time, you end up traveling to places †you†donít actually want to go to (can I get a hell yeah!) I put a […] You Gotta†Beat Bur...

How To Empower Your Decisions [Video]

Empower Your Decisions With A Simple Tweak… If you want to lean how to empower your personal leadership to get what you want, I’ve got something ridiculously easy for your to put into practice. It’s so easy to slack on personal leadership and defer to the opinion of others without even realizing it. But what if you asked yourself this ONE empowering decision the next time your’e not sure Watch the video to learn more… Empower Your Decisions With A Simple Twea...

How To Be A Badass In Your Business [Video]

How Does Being A ‘Badass’ Apply To Your Business Honestly, I didnít like the term at first. ĎBadasseryí didnít seem to apply to me at all. But then I realized – itís not just about riding a motorcycle and getting the tattoos. Badassery means something totally different in your business. Go out and take chances. In todayís market youíve gotta be authentic, real, consistent, on brand and on point in your message. You need to create that magnetic kind of […] How Does...

Online Identities Exposed: The Truth About Being Memorable [Video]

Presenting an online identity can be tricky, sure, but there is a way to make it easier on yourself and more enjoyable. Instead of stressing and stressing about Ďlooking perfectí anytime you want you engage with your tribe, just ask yourself one question: is this me Well, is it Who is the person you present Is the Kardashian diva look your thing Or the fitness guru Or the queen of casual Whatever your online persona may be, discover it and […] Presenting an online identity can be t...

The Secret to Pro Selfies: One Amazing, Simple Tool Youíre Not Using! [Video]

Scared of Selfies They arenít just for the Ďduck lippedí teens anymore! We know that it literally takes a tenth of a second for someone to judge you based on your photo online, right So of course youíre scared of doing a selfie. Selfies can be hard to make look professional and not silly or dorky. Youíre nervous youíll come across looking ridiculousÖYou think that selfies are just for dopey teens – they arenít! Well, it doesnít have to be […] Scared of Selfies They arenít jus...

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