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Stop It! The Truth About Overcomplicating Your Process (And How To Simplify Brain Chaos!)

Say Good Bye To Overwhelm– If you want to stop overcomplicating your process to reduce brain chaos, the solution is much more simple than you think! From my vacation place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Due to heavy winds (40 MPH! WOAH!) I had to take the skiing one step at a time – bit by bit. I realized that this has SO MUCH to do with our business. When you’re trying something new, when you want to do something different it’s so […] Say Good Bye To Overwhelm– If you...

How To Empower Your Decisions By Asking Yourself This Very Powerful Question

If you want to empower your decisions (and why wouldn’t you) here’s How To Start Questioning And How To Find The Answers The question is this; “What do you think” So simple, right It’s the the key to making your own decisions and really, really thinking about what you have to present to the world. Watch how I break down how my team, clients, students, and I are using this this powerful question to boost self-leadership in the video below… If you want to empower you...

How To Reach Your Goals- Bit By Bit [LIVE Videos]

If you want to know how to reach your goals,  it’s critical to take the appropriate steps to get there. Howdy, from Jackson Hole Wyoming!  I’m here on vacation so you wonder why I’m “working” Well, I had my first day of the cross country ski season and with 40 MPH winds my otherwise slow start got derailed to an even slower start. No worries for me! Reaching your goals (of any kind) is not an overnight affair, it takes […] If you want to know how to re...

How You Show Up Doesn’t Just Mean Arriving – It’s How You Make A First Impression.

Do you have what you need to SHOW UP, STAND OUT and make a FIRST IMPRESSION No one wants to be stuck on the sidelines. Out of sight, out of mind, out of business. Are you stuck there now Do you know why This could be the reason. If you just half-commit to your arrival, to your business, to your online persona, then you’ll be lost in the masses. It’s all about your grand entrance! How are you showing up Do you have what you need to SHOW UP, STAND OUT and make a FIRST IMPRESSION No one want...

Want Stronger Engagement? Try this hack that you have with you right now!

People want to go on your adventures with you — don’t let them down! The world is beautiful. Your environment is a part of who you are – and we want to get to know YOU! Whether it’s your home base, like mine here in NYC, or you’re on vaca – you’ve gotta show off the amazing things you find around you. Not only is it gorgeous, but it makes for more interesting photos and videos. Not that sitting in […] People want to go on your adventures with you — don’t let...

Fashion Rules? Think Again, It’s Not The One Thing To Wear On Camera [Video]

If someone asked what was one of my most frequently asked questions about style and fashion rules, this would be it! I know this is a conundrum for so many business women who feel out of touch and confused about what to wear, especially in today’s very visual world, but… When it comes to wardrobe, there isn’t one rule for everyone.  It all comes down to aligning yourself with your brand, and your personal aesthetic. That includes what you wear! […] If someone asked what...

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